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Wire Rope Inspection - Course Details

Training Provider: ICM

Location: Live Instructor-Led Online

Language: English

Term Of Validity: 03 years

Number Of Delegates: 5 to 20

Targeted Audience: Riggers, Bankmans, Signallers, Site Supervisors.

Objective: This training is aimed at persons who directly or indirectly come into contact with wire ropes and should always be available to them. They should ease the proper handling of wire ropes and convey the necessary expertise. Compliance with the instructions in the training should ensure the safe handling of wire ropes and help to prevent dangers and minimize repair costs and downtimes.


  • Theory – 07 hours 
  • Introduction 
  • Specification of wire ropes 
  • Handling wire ropes 
  • Installation of steel wire ropes 
  • Maintaining steel wire ropes 
  • Discard criteria according to din iso 4309 
  • Other examples of damaged rope 
  • Identify controls 
  • References

Practice Material: ICM Online LIVE Platform

Elearning: Yes

Exam: Test with minimum required score of 60% Test – 01 Hour.

Technical Reference:

  • ASME B30.2
  • EN ISO 12100 Safety of machinery – General design principles – Risk assessment and risk reduction
  • EN 12385-1: 2002+A1: 2008 Steel wire ropes - Safety - Part 1: General requirements
  • EN 12385-2: 2002+A1: 2008 Steel wire ropes - Safety - Part 2: Terms, designation, and classification
  • EN 12385-3: 2004+A1: 2008 Steel wire ropes - Safety - Part 3: Information for use and maintenance
  • EN 12385-4: 2002+A1: 2008 Steel wire ropes - Safety - Part 4: Stranded ropes for general lifting purposes
  • EN10264-1: 2012-3 Steel wire and wire products - Steel wire for ropes - Part 1: General requirements.
  • EN10264-2: 2012-3 Steel wire and wire products - Steel wire for ropes - Part 2: Cold-drawn non-alloy steel wire for ropes for general applications. Changes to the machine as well as non-observance of the regulations from
  • ISO 4309:2010-08 Cranes – Wire ropes – Maintenance and servicing, inspection, and storage
  • ISO 16625:2013 Cranes and hoists – Selection of wire ropes, drums and sheaves

Price Detail:

  • Free ($0 USD) for Exclusive Customers under Service Agreement with ICM Group
  • $30USD per candidate per training (if over 10 candidates per session)
  • $50USD per candidate per training (if less than 10 candidates per session)