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Heat Stress - Course Details

Training Provider: ICM

Location: Live Instructor-Led Online

Language: English

Term Of Validity: 02 years

Number Of Delegates: 5 to 20

Targeted Audience: Workers who performs activities or work at locations that expose them to high temperatures, developing Heat Stress.

Objective: To give workers orientation about how the heat stress can damage their health, the causes of heat exhaustion at work and how to protect and mitigate the effects of heat.


  • Theory– 07 hours
  • Understanding of heat stress hazards
  • Recognition of predisposing factors, signs, and symptoms
  • Knowledge of first-aid procedures and health effects of heat stroke
  • The causes of heat exhaustion at work
  • Employee responsibility in preventing heat stress
  • The danger of using drugs and alcohol in heat
  • Use of protective clothing and heat-reducing equipment
  • Importance of drinking small quantities of water frequently
  • Procedures for responding to heat illness
  • Procedures for contacting emergency medical services
  • Procedures for ensuring medical personnel find the work site easily and efficiently

Practice Material: ICM Online LIVE Platform

Elearning: Yes

Exam: Test with minimum required score of 60% Test – 01 Hour.

Technical Reference:

  • The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005
  • OSHA Section 5(a)(1)

Price Detail:

  • Free ($0 USD) for Exclusive Customers under Service Agreement with ICM Group
  • $30USD per candidate per training (if over 10 candidates per session)
  • $50USD per candidate per training (if less than 10 candidates per session)